Chris Adams


The British Pantomime has been a holiday tradition

for Metro for over 25 years. Panto takes familiar fairy tales

and injects a bit of music hall, vaudeville, contemporary

references and lots of audience participation.  Sleeping Beauty

returned in a long line of traditional Pantomime

                                                                                               from Dec 11th 2015 to Jan 2nd 2016.

This season starred Chris Adams as Dame Nanny Do-Little, along side a slew of talented people including, Chelsea Scholz as Sleeping Beauty, Michelle DeRossi as the Queen,  Jacqollyne  Keath as the Narrator, and Bryn Willis as Jingles. Plus an ensemble of over 35!

Sleeping Beauty was written and directed by Catherine Morrison, choreographed by Jordana Jackson with musical direction by Mackenzie Peters. 

For more info check out                                                 For a song from the show...

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All Photos by Steven Tieu