Chris Adams


The show was conceived and arranged by Wendy Bross Stuart and Chris Adams

The team consisted of:

Music Director: Wendy Bross Stuart
Director: Karen Greig Golden
Choreographer: Dawn Ewen

Chris Adams
Kat Palmer
Alison Roberts
Sayer Roberts

Set Design: Stephanie Elgersma
Lighting Design: Scott Zechner
Costume Design: Chris Sinosich @ Sebastian & Co
Stage Manager: Linzi Voth
Assistant Stage Manager: Chelsea Ramos

Magic To Do

A Stephen Schwartz Songbook

In 2013, Wendy Bross Stuart and Chris had an idea for a musical review: the music of

Stephen Schwartz. 

In Feburary 2014, that revue premiered on Granville Island at Studio 1398.  Produced by WRS Productions and Intimate Theatre, the 80 minute gem was called "A cumulatively charming collective" and received rave reviews from the The Vancouver Province, with the headline "Magic To Do, Hits All The Right Notes!"

The show felt like quite the collective, with everyones input being heard and about 20 Schwartz songs being sung, some in 4 part harmony.