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Pictures from Lovelash!

Lovelash The musical

Entr'Acte Studios

Vancouver Fringe

Chris was very pleased to perform in a new musical. The production was at the Fringe Festival 2014 and played to mostly sold out houses at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre Historic Mainstage.  

Lovelash: Defined as the emotional distress that takes place following the ending of a romantic relationship.

Set in the early 1990s, Lovelash is a the Romantic Comedy Musical filled with era appropriate kitsch, a dance crew that brings nostalgia to one's inner boy band, and an original 90s pop soundtrack that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head like that mix tape your highschool crush left in your locker during recess. The effects of Lovelash hit a small town group of friends particularly hard. Dan is unable to cope when his wife unexpectedly passes away from a mysterious ailment. Trey reluctantly enters a long distance relationship when his girlfriend leaves their small town to pursue larger endeavours. Carter's self-esteem is crippled when his partner of five years leaves him for another man. Nat develops undeniable feelings for the newly single Carter, but is incapable of voicing her true feelings. In their unrelenting attempt to overcome their struggles with Lovelash, this group of friends only succeed in teaching the unexpecting audience what never to do in a relationship. Ever.

As dan, chris was called...

"A Loveable loser, nathan lane-like leading man" and couldn't be happier about it!

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